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Anne, 38 years old, SME manager


«Privacy and peaceful environment are essential to our work. That’s why we’ve chosen a private office solution, which is perfect for teamwork. Moreover, the location is prestigious.»


The advantages of the EQUIPPED OFFICE solution:

For Anne and for you, we offer the best locations for your company with well-lit, comfortable offices furnished for your needs.





Thomas, 35 years old, founder of a start-up


«I benefit from a beautiful space in an active neighbourhood and I interact daily with other entrepreneurs, who help me develop my concept.»


The advantages of the COWORKING solution:

For Thomas and for you, we offer coworking Spots which are situated in the business hubs of major cities, for a serene work environment and networking possibilities.




Xavier, 45 years old, purchasing manager


«The needs of our teams are different. Thanks to Multiburo, I can always find a customised solution. The costs are very clear and detailed. Everything is easier for me.»


The advantages of the EQUIPPED OFFICE solution:

For Xavier and for you, we offer customised solutions based on your needs, in perfectly equipped spaces throughout France and Europe.





Gabriel, 50 years old, independent consultant


«As a nomadic worker, I’m visiting different customers every day. I need everything to go quickly: my set-up, my connection, my departure. At Multiburo, I find flexible and quick solutions for everything I do.»


The advantages of the EQUIPPED OFFICE solution:

For Gabriel and for you, we offer comfortable set-ups and cutting-edge technology that help you work more efficiently.


location bureau equipe coworking salle de reunion


Samira, 40 years old, sales department executive assistant


«My job is to select spaces for others. Not easy, but with Multiburo, I know that everything will be perfect and that the service will be top-notch. Also, the online reservation platform is perfect for me.»


The advantages of the MEETING ROOM solution:

For Samira and for you, thanks to our online reservation platform you can book meeting rooms and day offices, conform your needs


Centre d'affaires Paris Gare de Lyon Coworking Bureaux à louer salle de réunion et domiciliation (27)


Paul, 42 years old, manager of a training company


«Bringing together up to 40 people in one location is always a bit of an organisational challenge. Thanks to Multiburo, we only have to take care of the training. Multiburo takes care of everything else


The advantages of the MEETING ROOM solution:

For Paul and for you, we offer customised training rooms and additional on-demand services which can be reserved within a few clicks or immediately at the reception.