[WHITE PAPER] Welcome to the ideal office ! 2021 fundamentals, news and perspectives

12 Jan 2021


 Discover 2021's ideal office fundamentals and results of our investigations in collaboration with BureauxLocaux ! 

Today, no need to come to the office every day. Workspace use has much evolved in just a year! One thing remains for sure : private offices still have long years to live.

In a world faced with strong work mutations, what are users' real expectations ? Why do we still prefer working in a private office (or a coworking space) when it is possible to work from home ? What makes the office such a comfy place ?


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Multiburo and BureauxLocaux have surveyed 350 professionnels that are actively seeking for an office solution. Supported by a team of experts, they aimed at having a better understanding of 2021's ideal office.

With Stéphanie Auxenfans (Multiburo) and Sophie Desmazières (BureauxLocaux), find more about the lessons taught by Olivier Saguez (Saguez and Partners), Alain d'Iribarne (Observatoire Actineo) and Jean-Christophe Beau (My Mental Energy). Together they analyse the survey's results in order to define 2021 ideal office's DNA.


In this white paper you will find :

  • Exclusive results of our investigations
  • 2021 ideal office's DNA
  • Interviews and Experts' advices
  • Infographics and key figures
  • Some ideas to create YOUR ideal office

Discover 2021 office DNA ! 

 Welcome to the ideal office