[NEW] Remote meetings with top quality video at Multiburo

30 Mar 2021

Remote meetings with video have become an integral part of our daily professional lives and have been in their heyday for a little over a year now. And they're here to stay!

So if you're going to do it regularly, you might as well go for quality ;-)

Multiburo now offers dedicated hardware (camera, tripod, octopus) that ensures ideal sound and image quality, in addition to the video conferencing software installed on your computer.

With our wide-angle camera and tripod, adjust the orientation, tilt and view changes (room projection, speaker projection) to suit your meeting needs. Also take advantage of the "Screen Sharing" function to broadcast your presentations and training materials with ease.

The advantages?
Practical, economical, and functional audio and video equipment, very easy to use (just need a PC and video software).

Enjoy a flexible and modular offer that adapts to all types of meetings: business meetings, team meetings, interviews, training, etc.

Your benefit?
Pleasant and fluid meetings to federate, exchange, share, produce, create and decide with your teams, your clients and your partners!

Would you like to give it a try?

This equipment is available in Paris, Boulogne, Neuilly, Lyon, Lille, Brussels and Wavre.



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