The group

Human Resource policy

a) Objectives: 

  • domiciliation-entreprise-centre-affaires-neuilly-sur-seine-multiburoTo recruit and develop motivated and competent staff, capable of providing a high quality client service.
  • To train, accompany and assist them throughout their career; provide them with support and attention; propose an all-inclusive remuneration system to them (fixed, variable, social benefits ...).
  • Encourage profile diversity, with as common point the business values, such as : respect for one another, teamwork, client service and hunger challenge…


b) Effects of this policy:

The average length of service of our staff members reflects their considerable level of commitment to the business. Another effect of this policy is that 50% of our management staff trains within the company, a significant element of our business culture.


In the business centres:

a) Reception Assistant (m/f)
b) Customer Assistant (m/f)
c) Assistant (m/f)to the Centre Manager
d) Centre Manager

Support posts:
After experience in the field in one of our business centres, transverse and vertical development management perspectives may turn up in the marketing, commercial, operating sectors etc. within the Group's support team.

Multiburo recruits around twenty long-term contract employees each year, and fixed term contract employees for temporary placements in summer, to cover maternity leave or staff illness. 

Our activities are oriented towards service; we pay particular attention to a candidate's personal attributes, such as: respect, open-mindedness, active listening skills, professionalism and precision.

Integration-adaptation training for the post
The Group has set up an integration course which takes place for a period of 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the post. This period enables each person to confirm their choice, before making a definitive confirmation.
Upon confirmation of the new member of staff, job training modules follow.

Training to develop expertise
The skills course is reviewed and updated each year to adapt with the business development .
More specific training is proposed to colleagues who develop within the Group, in order to help them to gain the necessary expertise for their new post.
Beyond the development of their expertise, this training provides a place for exchange and confidence-building which enables each individual to develop their potential.